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0000085Dwarf FortressGeneralpublic2010-04-01 20:242011-03-15 21:36
Toady One 
0000085: Organ meats can't be cooked at kitchen
cannot use prepared ___ lung/heart/eyeball/spleen/ ... in cooking, chopped liver too.
if all you have is prepared organs, the cook __ meal job will fail.
food, raw file, workshop
has duplicate 0000711closed Footkerchief Meat shown in food stores but not in kitchen list - Kitchen list shows Dwarven beer twice 
has duplicate 0001262resolved Footkerchief Eatable Animal Stuff is not linked to Food Hauling 
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2010-04-02 06:53   
Raw file material_template_default.txt [MEAT] tag doesn't allow cooking; adding [EDIBLE_COOKED] tag resolves issue.
2010-04-02 19:15   
Seeing the same problem. Added [EDIBLE_COOKED] to every template with a meat tag, but I still can't cook meats. Do I need to restart the map for this change to take effect?
2010-04-02 21:06   
I believe that you need to gen a new world for tags that are added/removed to take effect, but tags that just have values changed don't need a world gen.
2010-04-03 14:42   
heathkit, the raws for a world are saved in its save folder now, so edit those if you want to change the raws for an existing world.

This problem applies to normal meat, too. I think that this is because [MEAT] implies [EDIBLE] but not [EDIBLE_COOKED].

2010-04-06 06:57   
Confirming note 0000160 by Jimmy: Adding EDIBLE_COOKED in material_template_default.txt in the raws of the region folder in use resolves issue.
2010-04-06 07:03   
Has anyone considered the possibility that this might be working as intended ? from the name of these objects alone I get the impression that they're coming to us pre-cooked or whatever it is you do to prepare hearts and eyeballs and brains. lol.
2010-04-08 08:55   
Fixed in the latest version (confirmed in 31.02)