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0008501Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Abandonment of Fortpublic2014-11-01 14:452015-01-05 15:21
0008501: 'Horrified after seeing ___ die' thoughts prompted by old corpses
Immigrants, or new embark teams, are being greatly stressed over old corpses left in corpse stockpile. The negative thoughts are
'Horrified after seeing ___ die'
only they have never seen ___ die, only his skeleton or corpse and they don't know ___ from Adam.
Get lots of dwarves killed, abandon a fortress, reclaim it.
Your brave seven will become badly stressed within a year.
I suppose this is marginal on the 'is it a suggestion not a bug' scale. I put it down as 'bug' because the thoughts are about seeing someone die when that is not the case.

I would suggest that
"Horrified at seeing a [dwarf/human/____] [corpse/skeleton]"
would be more appropriate, and probably a lesser stress penalty.
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duplicate of 0007435confirmed Footkerchief Dwarves overwhelmed by horror at the sight of the refuse stockpile 
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2014-11-21 00:19   
This is a real problem in my fort. I've had an early visit of a werechameleon (which was actually an elven child) which I could barely kill because of a poorly established military. Some time after the attack one of the brave dwarfs also turned into a werechameleon, but to his misfortune my legendary miner came across with his iron pickaxe at that moment...

Anyway the problem is that almost all of my dwarfs kept getting horrified because of "...seeing the elven child xxx die", "...seeing the dwarf xxx die", even after one year.

This continues with several other creatures (fortunately not with hunted animals, because they usually "don't feel anything" when they see them dead).

The main issue is, that thoughts like "seeing xxx die" appear while the creatures have been dead for decades. My dwarfs thoughts are spammed with these kind of thoughts (even if the refuse/corpses pile is outside of my fortress).

My work around attempt is to dump humanoid creatures in a deep pit, but I can't confirm yet if this really helps.
2014-11-21 00:22   
By the way I think that this is related to 0007435.
2015-01-05 13:56   
Still getting this in 40.23. Save in preparation.
2015-01-05 14:58   
Seems like a duplicate. Detros, please post the save link at 0007435.