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0008555Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Environmentpublic2014-11-16 10:382015-01-09 07:30
Toady One 
0008555: Pathfinding is not updated when trees are cut down
Suppose dwarves are unable to reach a tile to build something because tree leaves or branches block the way. If you cut down the tree, the game does not recognize that that point can now be reached. This can result in 'no access to non-economic building material' messages and similar problems.
* Build something under a tree (ramp+wall access ramp, for example)
* Try to build something where dwarves cannot reach (e.g. past a ramp rendered unusable by tree leaves)
* Cut down tree.
* See that you still cannot build in the aforementioned position.
You can 'refresh' the pathing info by deconstructing or building something adjacent to the place where the tree part was. That clears the 'flag' and allows stuff to be built in the previously blocked location.

Save file to follow.
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2014-11-16 12:59   
Too many server errors at DFFD. Although to be honest, it would be quicker to check it yourself in a game than to download a save.

http://speedy.sh/6HvYv/treeblock.zip [^]

In above save there is a ramp + wall at south edge of map. Top of wall in inaccessible due to tree leaves in the way. Chop down tree -> Top of wall is still inaccessible.
2015-01-09 06:53   
I think this one is fixed now.
2015-01-09 07:30