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0008560: Giraffe is trainable for war (possibly hunting)
I received (stole) a tame giraffe from some elven traders. I later went through the animal list and noticed that the giraffe was trainable and immediately set it to be trained. Some time later I was able to assign it as a war animal to the Captain of my Guard. I didn't notice if it was capable of hunting training.
1. Somehow obtain a tame giraffe.
2. Train it.
Intentional/Expected?, Probable Quick Fix
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I checked the raws and yeah, giraffes have the [TRAINABLE] tag for some reason. I don't see giraffes being great at combat and the visual of a giraffe trying to sneak is pretty hilarious.

Rhinos actually have the tag as well. War rhinos would be awesome, but hunting rhinos, not so much, unless you like your hunted meat to be all splattered.

Actually, I got these raws from fricy's compilation, I'll check vanilla.

Edit: It's in vanilla too. Since the compilation is from 40.15, this has probably been there for a while.