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0008599Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Announcementspublic2014-12-03 09:552014-12-03 12:08
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0008599: Vampire Revealed by Mandate Announcement
In dwarf mode I've been trying to figure out who the vampire is that's been sneakily sucking the population dry only to have a random mandate announcement ruin the surprise that it's been the baroness all along.
If possible, review recent announcements as it will be shown there. Otherwise, wait for another inevitable quern production mandate to come in.
Using LNP 40.16r3 with TWBT, Production Targets, Automation Plugins, Performance Tweaks, and Bug Fixes enabled.
0.40.16, announcements, dwarf mode, vampire
related to 0005521new  Vampire mandates are based on their true (non-visible) identity's preferences 
related to 0005942new  Vampire outed by cat adoption 
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