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0008638Dwarf FortressTypos/Grammarpublic2014-12-19 14:462014-12-20 14:00
LinuxUbuntu14.04 LTS
0008638: "unicorn horn horn"
When my dwarves butcher a unicorn corpse, one of the products is described as "unicorn horn horn". I think this should just be described as "unicorn horn", whether it's intended to be the material or the body part.
Enter the object testing arena and create two unicorns. Allow one to kill the other, then butcher the dead one. One of the resulting items will be "Unicorn 2's horn horn" or similar. Equivalent behaviour can be observed in fortress mode.
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duplicate of 0005291confirmed Footkerchief Butchery produces body parts named "hoof hoof" / "tooth tooth" / "horn horn" 
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It appears that 0005291 wasn't fixed along with 0005068.