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0000867: Bad interaction between repeated bone-using jobs & new one-bone-per-job behavior causes cancellation spam
If you have a bone-using workshop job on repeat (or many jobs scheduled at a workshop, e.g. via the job manager), but only one stack of bones, you get some undesirable behavior:

- The bonecarver brings the stack to the workshop and does one job, reducing the stack by 1 bone.
- The job completes.
- A hauler instantly decides to schedule a job to move the remaining bones back to the stockpile.
- The bonecarver tries to start the next job in the workshop, but there are no longer any available bones because the only stack has been tasked for hauling, so the job is cancelled.

This leads to cancellation announcement spam and repeated hauling of the same stack back and forth between the workshop and stockpile.

Not sure quite what can be done here, except perhaps give the bonecarver the first chance at rescheduling the job on completion?

(Workaround: get rid of your bone stockpile or turn off refuse hauling until you're done)
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parent of 0001198acknowledged Dwarfu Processing coke "Need refined fuel to complete this operation" 
has duplicate 0002186resolved Footkerchief decorate with bone failure 
related to 0005992resolved Toady One Conflict between hauling jobs (i.e. filling containers) and other jobs using items in those containers 
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Seems to be related to 0001198 - both involve items being hauled away that are about to be needed for another task at a workshop.
2010-05-03 21:21   
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^^^ Good call. I'm reopening that one, thanks.