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0000087Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Farming/Farmer's Workshoppublic2010-04-01 20:362018-01-08 13:54
Toady One 
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0000087: If one tile of a farm plot is dry or has the wrong biome, it also prevents the succeeding tiles from getting planted
They normally plant columns starting from left column going top to bottom and then to the next column. But if the next plot to plant wasn't irrigated it won't skip to the next tile and become stalled.
1. irrigate 3x3
2. build farm plot 5x5, the top 3x3 being irrigated
3. planters will plant the first 3, but then no more jobs are created to plant
farm, farming, Fixed in 0.40.01?, plot
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2010-04-01 21:30   
(edited on: 2010-04-01 21:31)
Verified with an oddly shaped partially irrigated farm.
w wet
d dry
= Planeted
- empty



2010-04-02 23:12   
I have experienced this bug as well (two square farmplots failing to be planted even when 3/4 irrigated, but the non-irrigated portions are the leftmost side).
2010-04-05 14:15   
A similar problem: farm plots created overly large will not be planted.


When building a 4x4 farm plot, the farmer wont plant any seeds. Several smaller plots fixes the problem.
2010-04-12 03:03   
not so sure about biomes, but this also applies to mixed underground/aboveground farm plots. If some tiles of the plot have been exposed to sunlight at any point, you can't plant any crops(although it gives you the option for both outdoor and indoor crops).

Furthermore, this is not a new bug, but was present in 40d. The irrigation bit is just a new twist on an old bug.
2010-04-12 07:03   
yes and no. the "exposed" or "dry" tile is not plantable, that much is intentional.

It's the fact that other tiles in the pattern that are not "exposed" or "dry" are not planted is the problem. It's following a columns and rows pattern, so it's easy to verify once you see the effect.

As for it possibly being present in 40d I can't personally say, I was never silly enough to do this one in 40d. but once I've seen it, it was easy to verify. which usually means easy to fix too.
2010-04-14 12:50   
Verified multiple times.

This is extremely frustrating as controlling water flow from a small pond or brook into a subterranean room is unwieldy...

It would make more sense for tiles around submerged tiles to also become muddied, or at least to allow farming on all valid tiles.
2010-06-04 20:50   
I'm experiencing this bug presently with the Linux version of 0.31.05
2010-07-24 11:32   
I had this in .11, rebuilt the farm on just muddied ground (the bugged farm had 1-2 tiles dry) and it worked fine.
2012-03-16 20:25   
(edited on: 2012-03-16 20:27)
Derigo's not entirely right on not being able to plant ANY crops if some tiles have been exposed to light: behavior is identical to the first note on this ticket. Dwarves will only plant the crop if it matches the above/sub status of the first tile in the farm plot, and they will only plant that crop until they hit the "wrong" type and refuse to plant more. The "wrong" type can never be planted, even if that's the next available tile.

2014-07-11 18:28   
This appears to be fixed as of 40.02

My steps

1. Made the farm plot shadow 10x10
2. Found a location that was only partially soiled (3x3), the rest dry
3. Set a farmer to plant plump helmets

The farmer planted all 3x3 tiles

I also tested the formation in sblass's post. The farmer planted on all farm-able tiles
2014-07-11 18:31   
If you want to be sure, try with farm plot spanning two biomes with different available plants.
2014-07-11 20:31   
(edited on: 2014-07-11 20:33)
SirPenguin: that's probably not a valid test, since if the remaining area was dry stone then the actual farm plot was only occupying the 3x3 area - when the bug was originally reported, underground soil had to be muddy, so a farm plot spanning both dry soil and muddy soil would be bugged, but that's no longer the case.

To test this properly, you need to make it above-ground and span between a Mountain biome and a normal farmable biome.

2014-07-15 07:37   
Still awaiting further test results.
2014-09-12 03:47   
This still occurs (quite frequently) in v0.40.x with light tiles created under trees (0007585). Planting will proceed up to the light tile, then stop.