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0000870Dwarf FortressArenapublic2010-04-09 05:052010-06-09 06:46
Windows Vista Home Premium SP2
0000870: Post-mortem creature description oddity
In arena mode, when viewing the description of any dead creature through unit screen([u]-[v]), their upper body always seems to be missing(may have been related to the fact that dead creatures have no body parts at all)
He is very skinny. His upper body is gone.
Might be a non-bug, or has been reported before, and please close this if so.
Might apply to other modes as well(not tried...no dead creature in unit list in my current fortress(recently reclaimed))
Kill any creature in arena mode then examine their description with key[u]-[v].
or possibly, simply examine any dead creature in fortress mode through [u]-[v] as well.
Arena Mode, death, description
duplicate of 0000658acknowledged Footkerchief "His/Her upper body is gone" - every dead unit 
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