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0000871Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Tradepublic2010-04-09 05:152014-05-01 08:35
0000871: Traders/merchants go crazy (berserk/insane/melancholy) if trade depot doesn't exist when they arrive
I didn't have a Depot ready for when the traders came, although i did build one when i got the message.
After standing at the map edge for close to a season, the trader went berserk, and was killed by his own escort.
Wait for traders, build depot after traders have arrived.

Only tried this on one fortress.
possibly related to ticket 466 ?
AI, depot, pathfinding, traders
related to 0000466confirmed lethosor Multiple trade depots cause the merchants/traders to behave oddly 
related to 0003259new  Loyalty cascade after ordering squad to attack were-citizens, merchants/traders, guards, or liaison 
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has duplicate 0003494resolved Footkerchief Trader refuses to leave when no trade depot is ever built 
has duplicate 0005191resolved Footkerchief If merchants arrive and no trade depot is built for them, they go crazy instead of leaving 
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Turns out this one has racked up a lot of stealth duplicates over the years.

0005191, Cespinarve: http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=5550 [^]

2012-02-26 07:54   
traders will go crazy if you trap them in the depot, but that is intended. after the depot finished building he should have went to it, that or he should have just not shown up as you didn't have a depot.
2012-02-26 13:25   
I had no Depot, never built one. He still went nuts. Really wanted my trade, I guess.
2012-02-26 14:12   
From what I can tell in the other reports, if the traders arrive while a depot doesn't exist, it doesn't matter whether you subsequently build one or not.
2012-05-03 11:23   
This happens in 34.07 vanilla as well.
2013-03-03 23:58   
Has anyone seen this happen in versions 34.08 and above?
2013-03-08 17:30   
Nevermind, I just had it happen in 34.11. A couple of the merchants left, but one remained, both the merchant and the horse went mad. No depot existed when they arrived, and I didn't subsequently build one.
2014-05-01 08:35   
If I recall correctly, this was a problem in version as well - in fact, there's an account of it happening in the SomethingAwful succession fortress "Headshoots" (an Elven caravan arrives in Update 62, and in Update 65 they all went insane).