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Toady One 
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0008795: When asking for directions to somebody false location of their home site is obtained instead
When I have asked one elf about elf queen I got "Mortalglade is in the Hill of Breaching." She seems to be in army that is somewhere in Hill of Breaching because that region is between her home site and human city they are going to siege. But "Mortalglade" is Forest Retreat while that queen name is Mifava. I guess instead of <who-name> is <who-homesite> used in that response.
It seems to be quite common so I guess:
- Ask about directions to somebody not at home site
This talk has happened in Hill of Breaching.
Mortalglade is in fact located in The Jungle of Bending.
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child of 0008585resolved Toady One NPCs always say a site is in the region they are in 
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2015-02-07 05:06   
- chat log (http://imgur.com/a9dkiOe [^])
- location of Hill of Breaching (http://imgur.com/LhErpvs [^])
- location of Mortalglade (http://imgur.com/4Xjzcs1 [^])
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When I few days later gave similar question about this elf queen to one elf in Sunnyglade (just next to Mortalglade) I obtained an answer "Mortalglade is in The Jungle of Bending.". So it is even worse:

It should be: "<who-name> is in <who-region>".
I have thought yesterday it is: "<who-homesite-name> is in <who-region>".
Now it seems it is: "<who-homesite-name> is in <adv-region>".
(where "who" is who you asked about, "adv" is your adventurer and "A-B" means "B of A")

So when you ask where somebody is located you can sometimes get an answer their homesite is in the region you are currently in. Quite weird.

Edit: Polishing.

Knight Otu   
2015-02-08 07:03   
Also see 0008585, which seems to be the main drive of the bug report. What's left after that seems to be mostly clearing up the answer's structure - <Character> is in <site>, which lies in the <region>.