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0000882Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Reclaimpublic2010-04-09 09:022010-07-13 15:56
0000882: On reclaim military won't obtain weapons or armor until arsenal dwarf is assigned
I've reproduced this a couple times in a row now. On a reclaim, the military adamantly refuses to get any weapons or armor, until the arsenal dwarf arrives. Even if I have a woodcutter carrying an axe to go chop down trees assigned to the military as an axe wielding dwarf (even that specific axe) and then flip him to the kill command as he is very near the thing needing to be killed, he'll immediately drop the axe and go start punching it.

When the arsenal dwarf shows up, and he starts updating the manifests, then guys can get their stuff.
Reclaim Fort, try to assign military uniforms. Try again when arsenal dwarf appointed
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child of 0000535acknowledged Toady One Equipping weapons/armor on military is erratic 
child of 0000863resolved Toady One Items that are tasked when fortress is abandoned are still tasked (invisibly) on reclaim, and other reclaim oddities 
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I am playing the first reclaim I have had on 0.31.02 and I have also seen this behavior. One additional thing I noticed is that even with an arsenal dwarf the squad does not go to Pickup Equipment until I define a barracks (encompassing the weapon/armor stockpiles) with individual equip and squad equip enabled for that squad.
2010-05-28 19:46   
I can confirm this as well (in .04), with one extra bit of info - soldiers -will- equip and use any weapons and armour that you purchase during embark. I guess that the 'equipment manifest' that tells soldiers what they can use starts off listing the equipment that you bring, but doesn't get updated with new or reclaimed items until an arsenal dwarf is assigned.
2010-06-21 04:08   
I can confirm this still happens in .08.

Is Toady aware of this issue? It sounds like cleaning up certain variables during abandonment is getting missed.