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0008845Dwarf FortressPathfindingpublic2015-03-07 00:162018-12-23 11:08
Windows 7
0008845: Caravan dwarves stuck in one-tile-wide corridor, trying to precede each other.
When some caravan dwarves were leaving my fortress, they pathed into some one-tile-wide corridor. Most of them found their way out and left the site, but two of them got on adjacent tiles and were both trying to precede the other and replace them on their turns, leaving them stuck forever in there. I have a save to demonstrate this problem if required.
Have some dwarves go into a one-tile-wide corridor, if they are close to each other and try to move in the same direction they might try to replace each other on their turns and fall into an infinite waltz.
This once happened to the fortress dwarves too, but another dwarf came across and interrupted their dance promptly.
creature swap
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I just found I put this in the wrong category, it should goes to some category under fortress mode branch. Any manager please change this to the right category, sorry for the inconvenience and thanks! (I searched for it but can't seem to find a 'dwarf mode - movement' category, please change it at you discretion)
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v0.44.12: bluebird9281 posted a save in 0010982:

http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=14158 [^]
There are two dwarven guards in this state.(In B3, southwest of the trading depot) It is Summer and they've been there for almost 2 years.