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0008895Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Statuspublic2015-04-01 22:232015-04-02 02:03
Knight Otu 
0008895: dwarf looks at dead body becomes horified by "seeing ... die"
every time a dwarf takes a body to the stock pile or even walks near it in his thoughts and preferences it would say "he/she was horrified by seeing a ... die" or say "he/she didn't feel anything when seeing a ... die" when they see alot of dead bodies by walking near the corps stockpile there stress will skyrocket leading to tantrums
1 have a dwarf walk over/take a dead body to stock pile
2 look at dwarfs thoughts and preferences
3 will say horrified by seeing a ... die or didn't feel anything when ... died
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duplicate of 0007435confirmed Footkerchief Dwarves overwhelmed by horror at the sight of the refuse stockpile 
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duplicate of 0008501
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Which is itself duplicate of 0007435. There may be rather just a bad wording ("after seeing somebody's corpse") than bad mechanics. Also note that these seeings tend to slooowly harden your guys, IIRC.
Knight Otu   
2015-04-02 02:03   
Thanks, guys!