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0008917Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Tradepublic2015-04-16 16:552019-02-15 09:51
0008917: Wagon pullers moved through walls when wagon is going up a ramp
In my fortress entry way I have a number of level changes. At a few spots I have ramps with a magma moat behind the supporting wall. Over the moats are retracting bridges, with the trade depot a few levels in. When wagons attempt to traverse this path the wagon pullers are briefly considered to be in the magma with the middle of the wagon in the wall, and then when the back of the wagon moves up the ramp all of the wagon rises up a level. The result is that the wagon pullers burst into flame.
A side view of the setup is simply RWMS, where R=ramp, W=wall, M=magma, and S=wall all on one level. The bridges are only over the magma, and the ramps on the next level up are aligned on the S.
merchant, ramp, wagon, wall
has duplicate 0008610resolved lethosor Wagons catch fire when crossing bridge over lava. 
related to 0011029confirmed lethosor wagons stuck in walls after riding down the ramps 
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