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0009093: Attacked pack animals will delay caravan departure
If a pack animal is attacked by something (doesn't have to be you), but not killed, it will leave the depot, wander around the site, and cause the caravan to not leave until the depot is destroyed. The animal will not leave after that happens, nor will it join the caravan when they do.

If you do that, it will cause the dwarves to still consider the items to belong to the merchants, since one of their civ's members is still on the site. If you kill it, your dwarves will rush to the depot's former location and haul the items away.
1. Get a trade caravan.
2. Have one of the animals attacked, but not killed.
3. Wait until the caravan "leaves" and watch them not packing up.

To fix:
1. Destroy the depot.
2. Kill the pack remaining pack animal.
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