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0009130Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Inventorypublic2015-12-01 14:032015-12-07 15:27
Toady One 
0009130: Instrument glitching
Great update. However, I noticed two minor bugs in adventure mode while I was knapping:
1. My instrument (an iron idla) automatically came out of my bag as soon as both hands were free of weapons and at least one was empty (i.e. after the first stone was knapped and thrown away).
2. To get around this I dropped the instrument to the left of my character an knapped for a bit. When I went to to pick it up, it was there in the look menu but not in the grab menu. Therefore, I was unable to pick it up despite it still being my property.
1.1 Have an instrument.
1.2 Empty your hands and keep your instrument in your bag.
1.3 Grab a knappable rock.
1.4 If the instrument has not already come out of your bag, grab another knappable rock, create a sharp rock, and toss it away. The instrument should now be in your "free" hand.

2.1 Have an instrument.
2.2 Drop the instrument.
2.3 Hit g and try to find the instrument.
2.4 If the instrument is grabbable, walk a square away and back and repeat step 2.3.
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2015-12-01 17:15   
After my third adventurer, I could not reproduce the second glitch. But there seemed to be an endless supply of instruments which magically appeared in my hand.
Toady One   
2015-12-07 15:27   
I was able to reproduce and fix the first error, and it could conceivably lead to all manner of strangeness. Go ahead and re-report in 0.42.03+ if something like this comes up again.