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Windows 8
0009145: Random crash in fort mode
I'm not sure what caused this- I'll try to reproduce it later today, but I have class soon- and I wasn't able to get a save, but since I'm not seeing a ticket on the tracker right now, I thought I might as well make one. Started a fort, 2x2, in a fairly quiet area. I don't know how far I got to- I want to say Slate 3, because when I tried to start an adventure mode game after the crash, the two-week buffer took off from Slate 3. I had just completed a second steel pick in a metal forge.

My best guess is that it may have something to do with butchery- my woodcutter fought and killed a couple of capybaras, and I built a butcher's shop and ordered dwarves to collect outside refuse, but nothing came of it and I couldn't find the capybara corpse. That's just a guess, though. No migrants, no taverns or inns or temples or libraries, no dwarves with any of the new scholarly skills.
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Possible duplicate of 0009129

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Crashes require saves whenever possible. Several crash related issues have been resolved in subsequent versions.