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0000916: Military-only dwarves get unhappy
My militia commander is part of a squad of 9 dwarves. Their orders (all year) are that 3 of the 9 should guard a burrow around the fortress entrance, and they do this perfectly.

While the dwarves in the squad are not on active duty, most of them, commander included, spend time on Individual Combat Drill, which is fine.

The problem is that the militia commander (and one other dwarf with no civilian skills) get into a loop of unhappiness:
 - if they're on guard duty too long, they get the "long patrol" message
 - when their replacements relieve them, they switch back to civilian state and get the "grumpy about being relieved of duty" message.

There's a similar problem if the squad is given an explicit kill/move order and then stands down.
On initial embark, give 3+ dwarves ten points of military skills, and form them into a squad.

Put a burrow somewhere, and a barracks somewhere else.

Create a new alert level, and set the orders to "at least 2 guard the burrow" all year.

Let the dwarves cycle in and out of guard duty until they start flashing red.
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duplicate of 0002439new  Military dwarves are automatically dismissed and re-drafted each month, leading to a guaranteed bad thought 
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duplicate of 0002439: Military dwarves are automatically dismissed and re-drafted each month, leading to a guaranteed bad thought