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0009191Dwarf FortressMiscellaneous Crashespublic2015-12-03 10:172015-12-12 14:11
Toady One 
WindowsWindows 7
0009191: Crash after retiring a location with all or part of any assigned meeting zone removed.
Created a temple from a meeting zone. Removed the meeting zone first, and then retired the temple. Instant crash.

Also crashes in the same way:
After making Inns or Libraries
After removing just part of the meeting zone.
After removing a dining room from a tavern.

Multiple meeting zones assigned to a location will behave the same way if some part is removed.

The game doesn't crash if the Temple/Inn/Library is retired first.
Create a meeting zone, and a location for it
Remove some or all of the meeting zone, then remove the location. The order is important.
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has duplicate 0009203resolved Knight Otu Crash when retiring one amongst many Temples 
has duplicate 0009299resolved Knight Otu CTD when retiring tavern 
has duplicate 0009308resolved Knight Otu Crash when retiring location 
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Confirming due to duplicate report.
2015-12-06 15:52   
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I encountered something similar.

I made a room with some tables and chairs and designated it as an inn (I think I toggled the designated table as a meeting hall afterwards). I also added some inn rooms without any issue.

Much much later on in the save, I tried to retire the location and crashed.

Saves are here:
http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=11401 [^]

This is version 0.42.02 by the way, not 0.42.01 in the original report

Toady One   
2015-12-07 13:15   
I could get some of these to reproduce, and others not, but the crash I fixed here for next time would conceivably cover them all. We can re-examine it with 0.42.03.