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0009199: Companion human duplicates after sleeping in human fortress
I hired a pikeman companion and nicknamed her Chica. After sleeping in the fort, we were attacked by the Lord Consort and I realized that Chica was talking about Chica killing a Swordsman. I [l]ooked at the tile Chica was occupying and noticed that two human pikeman named Chica occupied that tile.
Acquire a companion from a fortress, perform with them, speak with the lord consort and bring up something that merits the response "I don't want to argue"

Then sleep.
I can provide a screenshot of Chica occupying the tile.
http://imgur.com/UzAvWFq [^]

If the link does not work, imgur SLASH UzAvWFq
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duplicate of 0005106confirmed Footkerchief Bandits/companions respawn/duplicate in their original location 
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"After sleeping in the fort" ... I'm assuming the fort is the pikelady's orginal location.