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Toady One 
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Windows 7
0000921: Alcohol appears as a liquid item rather than drink item
On the 'z' Status screen it reports 'None' drinks. On the kitchen screen, it reports 4 wines, 7 rums. On the stocks screen, it reports 'None' drinks and 11 liquids, and you can list the wine and rum individually.

The description for each reads "This is a dwarven wine." or "This is a dwarven rum."

They are stored in barrels.

This is in version 0.31.02
Have not tried - just found these weird liquids not being drunk.
At first I thought this was alcohol I had made myself however I have not grown any plants yet so I can't have made the rums. This alcohol/liquid was possibly involved in cooking at some point.
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child of 0000138resolved Toady One Liquid prepared meals melt, kitchen gets cluttered with booze 
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See 0000138

2010-04-10 07:55   
I think this is similar. My liquids were in a barrel on the food stockpile though, not cluttering the kitchen. All I could do with them was sell the barrels.
Toady One   
2010-06-13 04:27   
This should be sorted out for 0.31.07, though the old saves will still have the lingering liquid items.