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0000924Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Questspublic2010-04-10 05:132014-07-23 07:53
Captain Mayday 
Toady One 
0000924: Townsfolk suggest getting quests from the dead
Seems like the townsfolk don't realise the questgivers in their town are dead.
I hacked the suggested questgivers to bits as a previous adventurer and asked around in my next incarnation, only to have it suggested that I seek out these questgivers.
The townsfolk did not even seem to realise they'd been killed.
kill questgivers
ask townsfolk for 'service'
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related to 0002255resolved Toady One Quest tasks remain even after quest giver is killed 
related to 0000809resolved Toady One Administrator suggests finding himself 
related to 0000158new  Faction leader gave task to kill demonic law-giver of same faction 
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2010-06-24 09:34   
A similar instance: I spoke to a demonic law-giver who explained that, since she was not a quest giver, I should talk to her (the same demonic law-giver) instead.

Uthimi Caquithepani, law-giver: Hello, human. I am Uthimi the Grizzly Spiders.
Edri Edinala Sturossungoth, Elite Wrestler: I am here to discuss serving your cause.
Uthimi Caquithepani, law-giver: I'm flattered, but I have no need for you.
Uthimi Caquithepani, law-giver: The Girlish Realms might have a task for you.
Uthimi Caquithepani, law-giver: Seek out Uthimi the Grizzly Spiders, wherever she might be.
Uthimi Caquithepani, law-giver: In 22, I became the law-giver of The Girlish Realms.
2010-06-24 09:37   
^^^ I think that's 0000809 (which I just added as one of this bug's relationships, so thanks for bringing my attention to it).
2010-06-24 10:14   
Ah, didn't find that one during a search.
2014-07-23 00:09   
No longer applicable, though the root causes may still be active (people refering to look for other people they should know are dead). However, I think it may be closed.
2014-07-23 07:12