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0009271Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Buildings, Cages and Chainspublic2015-12-07 19:282016-01-18 15:49
Toady One 
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0009271: troglodytes [intelligent/untamable animals?] cannot be assigned to a cage or chain
I caught some troglodytes in a cage trap. I wanted to make a zoo out of them (because seriously, what else can you do with a species of hobos?) but I can't see them in any of the animal-related lists.

The wiki says things about chains being useful when used on ogres, so I think this is a regression.
This save has the camera on a troglodyte cage (built after catching the troglodyte) and an unused lead chain restraint, as well as several caged troglodytes.

http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=11417 [^]
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has duplicate 0009296resolved Dwarfu Troglodites cannot be [P]itted via cage 
has duplicate 0009333resolved Toady One Cannot pit intelligent creature (nor assign them to a cage) 
has duplicate 0009465resolved Toady One Sentient invaders and intruders cannot be assigned to a cage/chain/pit 
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2015-12-09 11:15   
No method to remove creature either
2015-12-09 12:46   
This is also the case with pits, as the creatures which you want to assign do not show up in the list.
2015-12-13 19:33   
Can confirm this issue, still present in 42.03 while using a save from 42.01.

Not only Troglodytes, but Blind Cave Ogres, Goblins from sieges, Minotaurs, Trolls, gorlaks - seemingly any intelligent creature. None can be assigned to a pit, pasture, or chain when captured in a cage trap and stored in a stockpile.
2015-12-14 20:01   
Currently on 42.03 the only method of removing intelligent creatures from a cage that has worked for me so far is to place the cage and attach a lever.
2015-12-15 13:53   
Possibly related to 0003070 ?
2015-12-17 02:20   
(Hostile) dwarves could not be pitted etc. in 0.40.24, so this is likely a side effect of the multi species fortress upgrade. An analog change is that bodies of sapients now are hauled to the corpse stockpile rather than the refuse one (previously only dwarves, regardless of hostility, were hauled to the corpse stockpile).
The appropriate correction is probably to check sapients for hostility as well as sapience when determining if they can be pitted (etc) or not.
2015-12-18 16:53   
Also affects Dingo Man/Woman, which is a pain because they tend to run into cage traps a lot in untamed wilds biomes.
2015-12-20 19:46   
Can confirm this happens with any kind of animal person, I caught dingo, armadillo and weasel people and none of them are available to be put in pastures, pits, chained or caged. Removing them from the cage simply makes a dwarf grab a spare cage, walk up to the built on and stuff them in a new one.

Only way to remove the critter is via lever linking.
2015-12-23 17:23   
Confirming in 42.03. in my fort I can pit undead and Beak Dogs, but not Goblins or Trolls. Also cannot transfer Goblins and Trolls between cages. They do not appear on the list of creatures assignable to buildings or zones.