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0009296Dwarf FortressCreaturespublic2015-12-09 20:592015-12-17 11:03
0009296: Troglodites cannot be [P]itted via cage
No matter where the caged Trogs are, they cannot be designated to a pit.
Cage a Troglodite, make a 1x1 pit capped with a hatch cover, make a 3x3 pit designation and you will fail to see Troglodites listed.
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duplicate of 0009271resolved Toady One troglodytes [intelligent/untamable animals?] cannot be assigned to a cage or chain 
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[s]Troglodytes have [CAN_LEARN], making them a (semi-) intelligent species ...[/s]

edit: Disregard; misunderstood the report.

2015-12-09 21:33   
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Problem duplicated. Can provide save if that would be useful.
Trog was the first (and thus far only) beastie I have caged on the new release. I am curious to learn if this is going to affect all intelligent species, or are Trogs a special case? Might be time to shift to a minecart launching system.

>> Addendum.
Duplicated the problem with a wild troll.

>> Addendum
Duplicated with Gorlak and with Goblins.

2015-12-09 21:50   
Hmm, I seem to recall goblins being pittable in previous versions - would need to do tests to see if you could still pit them in the current version.

2015-12-09 22:11   
I've been hearing people having trouble pitting trolls and goblins. This is definitely related.
2015-12-10 01:14   
Duplicate of 0009271, "troglodytes [intelligent/untamable animals?] cannot be assigned to a cage or chain", which notes trogs are missing from several lists and comment 0009271:0033682 there which notes this also does affect pitting.
2015-12-16 15:34   
Please continue discussion in 0009271.