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0009298Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Abandonment of Fortpublic2015-12-10 04:162015-12-22 18:21
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windows 8.1
0009298: unretiring a fort with visitors flags them as hostile in unit list.
I retired a fortress to play some adventure mode in the same world.

When I unretired the fortress I had found that several coffers and cabinets had been deconstructed and that all the humans who were visiting, including those who had petitioned and joined the fortress population were all flagged as hostile.

When i retired a human caravan had arrived and they were flagged as Friendly, instead of hostile, this also meant that there was a wagon relaxing in my tavern.

The humans did NOT attack the dwarves, neither did the dwarves attack the humans
Accept Petitions to join the fortress,Name the non dwarven citizens as it will make keeping track of them far easier.

Retire the fortress once a caravan has arrived and there are visitors within the fortress.

*optional, make an adventurer then retire*

Unretire the fortress and check the unit list.
retire fort, visitors
duplicate of 0009176acknowledged Toady One Lots of 'other' units appear after retiring fortress (merchants/pack animals/now hostile visitors) 
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Duplicate of 0009212

And for other stuff:
> wagon relaxing in my tavern

> coffers and cabinets had been deconstructed