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0009360Dwarf FortressCreaturespublic2015-12-15 15:222018-08-13 20:27
0009360: All visitors are skinny
All visitors in fort mode are described as "incredibly skinny".
1. Load up a save in v0.42.03 (possibly one made in .02?)
2. Look at the fort's visitors
3. There you go
Not very important, just wanted to mention it.
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No visitors of my current fort are skinny though.
2018-08-06 05:09   
Simulated journeys with 0008508 causing cave adaption may point towards the commmon cause this is not precisely a bug.

If the visitor travels regularly or from very far away, the exercise might wear down their fat and improve/weaken their physique (armok willing making mounts take the brunt of a fat lawgiver's weight on long travels may make for more obese visitors from laziness and haggard horses & mules)

Your fortress may just not be very far away from the nearest site they are visiting from.
2018-08-13 20:27   
I just checked the description of all visitors present in my current fort (version 44.12).

Of the 20 visitors (all humans), 14 did not mention a physique (so I assume they are "normal"), while 6 were "incredibly skinny", "incredibly skinny with a small build" or "short and incredibly skinny". This seems suspicious as there is nothing between "normal" and "incredibly skinny", also there were no overweight visitors.