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0009418Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Roomspublic2015-12-23 10:192018-01-24 17:59
Toady One 
0009418: written on scrolls still counted as 'writing materials' in library room
I noted a discrepancy between the number of writing materials listed when viewing details of my library in the location screen, and the actual number of empty scrolls present in my library's coffer.

The location screen told me I had 17(out of desired 10) writing materials, while there were only 7 empty scrolls in my coffer.

Further investigation showed me that my library has exactly 10 written on scrolls. It has some codexes too. Appantly those are fine, it's just the scrolls. I have no written on, but unbound quires in my library, but it is possible that the same goes for those as it does for scrolls.

Now I haven't seen any scholar actually use an already written on scroll to write something new on, but at the very least the counter in the location page wrongfully counts written scrolls as available writing materials.
make fort, make scroll rollers, wait for dwarf to write on a scroll, see discrepancy between location screen writing material count and actual number of empty scrolls.
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2017-07-30 05:19   
I can confirm this is still the case. In my current fort haven't made any quires or parchment nor imported any, and imported 27 scrolls. The library reports it has 24 writing materials available, and looking at the library there are 3 scrolls currently being read by dwarves.

Written on quires also count towards the available writing material in the library. In another fort I had run out of unwritten quires (according to the stocks screen - all the quires had a title), yet the library reported there were dozens of writing materials available.