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0009452Dwarf FortressReactionspublic2016-01-07 12:002016-01-07 14:52
Knight Otu 
WindowsWidows 10
0009452: Hemp and possibly other above ground plant crops produce no seeds when mashed.
Mashing these plants produces no seeds. Pigtails do however. Above ground crops are missing the following line which is found in pigtails. [MATERIAL_REACTION_PRODUCT:SEED_MAT:LOCAL_PLANT_MAT:SEED]

Adding the above line allows mashing hemp, in my tests, to produce seeds.
Mash any above ground cloth producing plant, check seeds stocks before and after.
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duplicate of 0009353resolved Toady One Cannot Produce Papyrus Seeds 
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Knight Otu   
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It seems you are using outdated raws, perhaps through a tileset or migrated save. The seed material product tokens have been added to the hemp raws, and several others (such as papyrus, 0009353 ), in 0.42.04. I'll resolve this as a duplicate of the old issue.