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0009506Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Artifactspublic2016-01-22 20:032017-12-04 03:51
0009506: Codexes can't decide what to call themselves
I have a fair number of codexes that were written in my fort (none imported currently). Some are displayed as a «rhyolite-bound codex» and others are named by their title. Viewing either shows effectively the same thing, displaying the binding material and description of the writing. I have confirmed that if some are quires, they do not line up, I've seen one codex marked as above, and one labeled with the title.
Make codexes and put them in your library. Observe the names given.
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related to 0009409acknowledged Loci Binding a quire into a codex destroys the material definition and value 
related to 0010232needs feedback Dwarfu Artifact screen ordered wrong for books/writing 
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