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0009548Dwarf FortressAnimal Populationspublic2016-02-09 01:192016-02-09 04:32
Knight Otu 
0009548: Playing adventure mode causes massive cave animal population drops
After playing adventure mode I noticed that cave animal populations dropped rapidly, some of them by 20-40%, e.g. from 154348 to 108776. For contrast, aboveground animal populations were almost intact.
1. Export world/map info into a file (click "p" while in legends mode).
2. Play adventure mode.
3. After ending an adventure, export world/map info into a file again and notice massive underground animal population drops.
My adventure lasted roughly two dwarven weeks. I didn't hunt in caverns.

Also experienced this bug in 0.40.24
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duplicate of 0006220acknowledged Dwarfu Depopulation of underground animals when playing Adventure mode 
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