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0009590Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Idle Behaviorpublic2016-02-22 20:342021-05-16 08:26
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Windows 8.1
0009590: Herbalist stuck on stepladder, starving to death.

After creating a new world and starting a fortress, i immediately assigned an Herbalist to gather fruits and the like from the forest.
After building a stepladder, he started gathering fruits from trees, as expected.
After a while, i noticed something wasn't quite right.
My herbalist is also my Trader, and when i called for him to trade with the Dwarven caravan, no one showed up.
After selecting him on the Unit List and zooming in his position, i see him at 1 level above ground, on his stepladder, refusing to come down, starving to death.
I tried forbidding the stepladder, and dumping it as well, but nothing changed.
He is not near any tree, he's just in the middle of nowhere on the top of his stepladder.

If i were to guess, he was probably gathering fruits at the same time that the tree was cut down for wood.
I will try this out again and i will see if i can reproduce this problem, as well as finding a workaround before my dwarf dies.
Haven't really tried for now.
DF is pristine, no mods installed, no DFhack or anything.
Herbalist, Starvation, Stepladder, tree
child of 0010376confirmed Loci Gatherers get stuck on top of their stepladders and die from dehydration. 
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2016-02-22 20:40   
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I forgot to mention, he was marked a doing "No Job".
I managed to make him fall by building a bridge under the stepladder.
He got some food, booze and took some sleep, then he rushed outside, stepladder in the hands, and did the same exact thing. He climbed his stepladder in the middle of nowhere and now he's "Gathering Plants" with no trees around.
He got stuck a few minutes later, forcing me to create another bridge under him.
At this point, i tried to select another dwarf as Herbalist. He got stuck the same way. Then i tried forbidding the stepladder and making a new one, no change whatsoever.
Even deactivating the gathering zone had no effect.

The only way to stop them from climbing the ladder again (after you managed to un-stuck them) is to deactivate their Herbalist job.

Hope this helps out ^^

2016-05-06 03:33   
I just had this happen as well, and found this report searching for a solution.

I noticed he was stuck when I got an alert that he was interrupted by an animal.
"Urist Identad, Herbalist cancels Gather Plants: Interrupted by a giant cardinal."

I tried drafting and stationing him, but he didn't respond.
He had two leaf blocks next to him, so I cut down those trees thinking he might be stuck on the leaves.
When that didn't work I went to searching and found this.
I built 'up stairs' on the stepladder and that freed the dwarf.
Unlike GamerKilroy, my dwarf hasn't gotten stuck again even though he is still an herbalist.
2019-08-12 01:52   
(edited on: 2019-08-13 02:37)
Bugged Save for Dwarf Fortress v0.44.12: http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=14509 [^]

Millitia Captain 'Etur Akrulthad' is stuck up a tree with a stepladder immediately underneath him. The first I realized he was there was when I received a dfhack warning that he was starving and dehydrated.

This is the second time a soldier has become stuck in a tree in this save (both soldiers are also Plant Gatherers/Herbalists and are currently 'inactive' for service). The first time it happened, a farmer eventually put a stepladder under the tree (while I was trying to get someone to build a staircase down) and the soldier climbed down immediately. This time the stuck soldier HAS a stepladder directly beneath him, but won't climb down.

He's in the lower right corner of the fortress, where there is a group of 3 trees just above the fortress pond.

DF Version: 0.44.12
Linux LNP Version: 0.44.12-r3
OS: Linux, Debian stable (codename 'Buster'), 64bit

Edit: this has happened another couple of times, each time with a soldier/herbalist in a tree. What I *think* is happening from what I have been seeing is that they climb the stepladder to gather fruit as an off-duty soldier acting as a herbalist, then change to being on-duty for training or fighting while *in* the tree. The change to being an on-duty soldier while already in the tree then breaks the herbalist's "Gather Plants" AI script for getting down again.

2021-05-16 08:26   
Hi, I also experienced the same thing. Thanks to df-hack, I noticed there is something wrong with my herbalist. She stuck on top of the step leader.

I already cut the tree next to her and yet she won't fall. I don't know how she managed to do it.

So I asked another dwarf to grab(dump) that ladder. And finally, she can live for another day.

The End \(^v^)/