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0009639Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Noblespublic2016-03-18 16:432016-04-03 02:43
Knight Otu 
highmajorhave not tried
0009639: Can't select nobles after forgotten beast attack left only one survivor and shortly after 18 migrants arrived
A forgotten beast that shoots webs killed almost everyone in my fortress. I believe the last adult alive was made mayor and then died (obviously from the forgotten beast, but out of sight). The last survivor was a child. After doing some waiting, some migrants finally arrived at the fortress (18 in total). A few minutes later I attempted to select a new medical dwarf but found the nobles screen was completely blank save the bottom options for doing stuff like replacement.

I have found previous reports mentioning this sort of thing from 6 to 4 years ago. The last report (save mine) was from 2012.

I tried some advice from one of the previous reports that involved me saving and reloading but that didn't work.

Cannot say, but from seeing previous bug reports saying something similar I believe every dwarf (or citizen) capable of becoming a noble has to be killed first (but the reports I saw don't seem to mention the child as sole survivor part). Then migrants have to come in, after which you select the nobles screen.
I am using the the starter pack 42.06 r2. DFhack is enabled.

Here is a mention of this from a 2012 bay12 forum thread http://www.bay12forums.com/smf/index.php?topic=109835.0. [^]

note: have not yet tried waiting to see if a new mayor gets elected, but honestly I think posting an account of this bug here is still important as this is a big problem come the next caravan.

Here is the first bug report from this site:
http://www.bay12games.com/dwarves/mantisbt/view.php?id=141 [^]

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duplicate of 0005299confirmed Footkerchief If fortress population drops to 1 child or insane dwarf, can't appoint/elect nobles when migrants arrive 
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2016-03-18 17:06   
Ok, waiting for a new mayor to be elected does work. But this bug I think should still be looked at.

And whoops, I forgot to make a save file:P
2016-04-01 01:46   
I believe this might be because you need an expedition leader/mayor to appoint nobles, and if nobody is the leader, then nobody can do anything. It's like trying to make an anvil without an anvil :P
2016-04-02 02:01   
It would be nice if the surviving dwarves would prioritize selection of a replacement mayor/expedition leader following a tragedy.
Knight Otu   
2016-04-03 02:43   
I'll mark this a duplicate of 0005299, which described the same problem apart from re-election being a possibility.