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0009650Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Visitorspublic2016-03-21 19:052017-11-22 15:32
Toady One 
0009650: Visitors begin attacking citizens and long-term residents when a siege starts
I've had a problem with several different worlds now where a siege of goblins will arrive, and visitors to my fort will begin attacking the citizens and long-term residents. It happens as soon as a goblin experiences violence. So a goblin walks into a weapon trap, completely out of sight of either visitors or citizens, and the visitors suddenly start attacking.

It appears to only happen after I've accepted some visitors as long-term residents. I looked at the visitors' histories with Legends Viewer but there didn't appear to be any common factor showing that they had ties to the goblin civilization, or reasons to hate my long-term residents.

I had this happen in one fortress in 0.42.05 (I no longer have a save for that). I've started 3 fortresses in 0.42.06 so far, and it happened in 2 of the 3. I did not have any mods or DF Hack running for any of them.

I uploaded two save files. The first one shows the fortress three days before the goblin siege arrived. The second one, marked "Copy", shows the ongoing siege and visitor attack aftermath.

Just before siege: http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=11874 [^]

Just after siege: http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=11875 [^]
Accept several visitors as long-term residents. Wait for siege to occur. Optional: swear heavily because a human bard just killed your best glassmaker.
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2016-03-31 15:12   
I've seen this bug several times, too. (Since my citizens are all armed to the teeth and reinforced by dozens of mercs, the visitors always get slaughtered.) I've observed that the infighting always begins at the moment when someone first notices one of the invaders. Could it be that the presence of an invading force somehow reminds some visitors that their civs are at war with each other?
Knight Otu   
2016-05-03 03:55   
entropai posted a save at 0009659.
2016-05-10 03:52   
I play with the Fortress Defense mod, as well as a few other tweaks, but I've had the same behavior across all of the dozen or so visitor races. It's worth noting that the FD mod races' entity raws are mostly based on the vanilla goblin raws though. It also triggers on detection of ambushes.

I've also had a few cases of my (mostly mercenary) military units turning on each other in the course of pacifying the visitors, with some casualties, but those might just be due to missed attacks and the like, and I haven't noticed any of them turning on civilians afterwards.
2016-05-19 08:15   
(edited on: 2016-05-19 08:26)
Update: In another fortress in 42.06, with DFHack r1 and Fortress Defense V2 R18, somewhat further tweaked, the Dwarven caravan and liaison are going hostile on detection of an ambush by Warwolves (FD race with a transformation syndrome).

I have accepted long-term residents from multiple races, including quite a few mercenaries. However, I should note that my military is all training in their surface barracks 15 Z-levels above my deeply dug in depot. I have not yet received any citizenship applications, so as far as I can tell amidst the chaos of 200 dwarves hauling trade goods, none of my resident bards are nearby either.

Some combat has occurred between visitors in my outdoor tavern and the first ambush squads to arrive, but the liaison and caravan arrived after the first squads were detected. I believe at least one of the liaison's bodyguards failed to make it behind my defenses in time and was caught and killed by the ambushers as well.

2016-05-20 06:45   
(edited on: 2016-05-20 06:46)
I just experienced this bug. As soon as the siege started, an invading goblin fell from a tree and got hurt, then most (not all) of my human and goblin visitors started attacking my citizens and long-term residents. The human long-term residents were still on my side. The dwarf visitors and a dingo man visitor did not become hostile either.

The invading goblins were still outside and on the opposite side of a river (I have a bridge that I retracted) so they were nowhere near the visitors.

Edit: Version 42.06

2016-05-21 08:56   
I have been able to easily reproduce the issue in my world. In this save, the siege is pretty much done, but there is a troll at the top of the map. If you send my archer squad ({s}quad - {b} to select it) to attack the troll across the river to the north (don't need to cross the river), the visitors will become hostile. Save file:
http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=12054 [^]
Toady One   
2016-05-21 16:48   
There were lots of things going on in the nistone save -- basically, one of your residents was the grandchild of a bandit and the visitors, fighting for justice, took advantage of the siege to jump into the fight on the side of the troll. I've adjusted some numbers.