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0009655: Underground icing of a resivour
So i got this underground water resevour which the half the map freezes in autum, and the rest in winter, but i have an inside light Above ground well,
which just recently deconstructed when the water under the well froze, and it was either 7/7 or 6/7 water, and all my pumps which are under one massive roof froze too, except one
embark in df mode in a freezing river biome, make a resevour -1 z-level down under the surface, wait till winter, and watch as the well deconstructs when full
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It's as intended. Any tile exposed to light remains exposed even if roofed over. This means that the temperature will follow the surface one as well, and thus cause your once exposed reservoir tiles to freeze.
To avoid this problem, move the reservoir to a location that's truly underground, and, obviously, move the well as well.
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just didn't know if it was a bug or not