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0009663: Caravan brought instruments made of demon bone
"This is a well-crafted vulture devil bone vofa. The blowpipe is made from flat worm devil bone. The wind chest is made from vulture devil bone. The pipe is made from forgotten beast bone."

I've stolen this item from a caravan. The civilizations shouldn't have access to such materials.
Examine instruments brought by caravans. Some of them are made of weird materials, e.g. werebeast bones.
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duplicate of 0009275acknowledged lethosor Elf-made instruments have nonsensical materials 
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I actually think this might be intended. You know, with world activation, the game should probably simulate the mountainhomes breaching HFS, or them getting an FB, and defeating them. Hence, they have access to their bones.

On another note, please make sure you have the latest version before reporting. It's 42.06 right now. You're using 42.04.