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0009682: Prisoners are hostile to the Adventurer.
When an adventurer tries to rescue prisoners of a baysnatcher the prisoners show up as hostile and behave as do the regular civilians in the fortress. They can still be communicated with and can join party but this could be a major problem when dealing with companions.

Save game uploaded here.
http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=11924 [^]
hostility, kidnapping, modded save included, prisoner, Rescue, Save Included
duplicate of 0009416resolved Toady One Child prisoners in Dark Fortresses immediately become hostile, making rescue missions impossible. 
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Last time I tried rescuing snatched children, I noticed an important distinction that you might want to clarify.

Normally, the ones actually referred to as prisoner, as their unit type (replacing the normal unit type of child) are the ones that are happy to be rescued. In contrast, children in the dark fortress that are actually referred to as children tend to be openly hostile.

Where you typically find them also tends to hint at their status. Generally the captives you can rescue wind up locked in the lever-controlled cells, at least in dark forts that have those. Failing that, I've seen rescuable prisoners in the large open rooms with the trolls and other animals, where the dead are interred. Children that have essentially gone native are usually loitering in one of the countless small rooms with unlocked doors that serve as housing.

EDIT: Okay, in your save these are indeed prisoners that should be non-hostile, but these modded creatures make the cause a clusterfuck to determine. How am I supposed to know whether halflings, korrads, and whatever the fuck a "small reclusive being that hides itself in the woods" will behave at all like the standard races? All I can tell so far is they lack the UTTERANCES tag due to using linguistic tokens, but that doesn't rule out any other hostility-causing tokens.

Nor do I know whether or not their parent civs are LOCAL_BANDITRY entities that might make them hostile to rescuers anyway.

Goblin Cookie   
2016-04-20 03:23   
Prisoners from other civs with LOCAL_BANDITRY are not hostile to the player normally. Since there is no way to mod the AI of the creatures at present so it does not matter what modded creatures there are in the game.
2016-04-22 08:25   
Odd. Granted the only way I can think of that one can test such a scenario in an unmodded game is if a kobold gets kidnapped, but I've never seen such an event occur.

Thing is, if you manage to recruit a LOCAL_BANDITRY...well, bandit, before they flip out on you you, generally they'll leave your party and turn hostile as soon as they have the opportunity.

I'll need to start up an adventurer to see if this bug happens reliably, or if this was something with a specific cause. @_@
2016-04-26 14:55   
Note not all prisoners are hostile.
2016-04-30 23:13   
Hmm. Not all? Maybe there's a point where a prisoner acts as though a loyal member of their new civ while mistakenly retaining their unit type?
2016-05-01 13:32   
chaosvolt, I remember there is something that occurs in goblin dark pits/dark fortresses, where eventually all the goblins die and the children of their prisoners end up being the people ruling the fort.
Goblin Cookie   
2016-05-01 14:45   
To chaosvolt, automatic hostility is controlled by ethics requiring the killing of neutrals (acceptable will do) not by LOCAL_BANDITRY. That tag creates bandits of a civilization that are hostile at lethal level to adventurers regardless of what civilization they come from.

To untrustedlife, remember that the prisoners (as everybody else) are not hostile until they see the adventurer. Then they switch to no-quarter like the regular population of a required kill-neutral civ. Perhaps what happened is that there is a prisoner 'faction' and I accidentally initially hostilities with said faction because somebody, say a slave was in the site that is also considered a prisoner and I attacked them thinking they were just an ordinary person.
2016-05-01 15:38   
Ah, odd. I didn't know that the ethic had any real effect. I think I got the "LOCAL_BANDITRY forces hostility" thing from the wiki. You sure it might not be both that entity token AND the "kill neutral" ethic? o.O

Plus the game has a bad thing about ethics only being relevant in worldgen, bar specific interactions like elven attitudes toward wood being based on the kill-plant ethic.
2016-05-09 22:09   
Having given up entirely on rescues due to this, I still tried enough to confirm that it is not just modded races. You can have kids who are kidnapped from your civ flip out and wander around playing pretend instead of sitting in their cells like prisoners used to. I admit I didn't test every single fort after the third or forth time I just started treating the roaming former-prisoner-kids playing pretend as the current standard behavior. It doesn't change if you make someone that starts from the site either, unfortunately.

I've even tried to lead a prisoners revolt by assuming control of a kid with dfhack and then go around recruiting kids, they all just rush off to do their own thing the instant I load up and take a step.
2016-05-10 08:56   
That confirms it then. ._.