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0000971Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Activity Zonespublic2010-04-10 21:062010-06-09 06:46
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PCWindows Vista 32bitService Pack 2
0000971: Zone a pond on land after the zone is deleted, the job to fill pond never gets deleted and dwarves never return the buckets used
After trying to see if my dwarfs would dump water on the land to create a farming zone, they canceled the job due to illegal building (or something close to that reason). Then after i found they won't pond on the ground, I removed the zone. A little while later I noticed that the buckets the dwarfs who canceled the job left them by the water, and they were just being ignored. They still ignore the buckets and the job after a season has passed.
1.Zone a pond on land.
2.Wait for dwarfs to try to pour water, then cancel the job.
3.Delete the zone.
4.Watch as buckets are never returned, and job is still in the jobs list.
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duplicate of 0000154resolved Footkerchief Pond zone removed itself leaving forgotten buckets 
duplicate of 0000074resolved Toady One Zones not getting cleaned up after removal (persist after save/load too) 
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