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0009736Dwarf FortressArenapublic2016-05-10 09:042016-05-10 13:21
Toady One 
0009736: Felling trees in Arena Mode changes landscape,
Decided I'd do a quick test of tree-felling in arena mode, and it quickly led to...apparently, changing the terrain to plains or some grassy terrain. There are also a few scattered murky pools, but no trees.

This also leads to the logs having disappeared. Annoyingly, spawning a tree afterwards and felling THAT doesn't yield logs either.
1. Start up Arena Mode.
2. Create someone with an axe.
3. Try to chop down one of the random trees that the arena starts with.
The one upside to this is that the generated terrain includes some rocky terrain, which is nice if you wanted to arena-test reactions involving small rocks.
Arena Mode, trees, woodcutting
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Toady One   
2016-05-10 13:21   
Ha ha, yeah, it takes you out to travel mode and then tries to reload the world map -- which is the secret 1x1 map of the arena's world.