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0009812: Alcohol personality changes don't seem to wear off
The personality changes brought by the new alcohol syndrome don't seem to wear off, even long after a dwarf has become dreadfully sober.

I noticed it on a weretortoise I keep sealed up in an oubliette.
She is currently more thoughtless/rude/fearless/confident/shameless / less private.
She needs alcohol to get through the working day and can't even remember the last time she had some.
She is badly distracted after being kept from alcohol.

I haven't tried sobering my normal dwarves, but I've never seen one without the effects either.
Let a dwarf drink.
Keep them away from booze.
Save is here: http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=12110 [^]
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2016-12-30 18:23   
I have noticed the same issue. I isolated my dwarves in a test fortress to see if hey would go insane if they only drank water. I had them consuming alcohol for a few years, but stopped producing it. Even years after they had last had some, they still retain the same personality alterations. Their thoughts reflect their personality, such as not feeling anything after not wearing clothing and not being horrified if they see dead bodies.
There also does not seem to be an associated bad thought to not being able to drink alcohol. This seems to be either an oversight or a bug, as many other needs have their own thoughts associated to them.
2017-11-14 07:34   
Dwarves are less vunerable to alcohol than other races through [SYNDROME_DILUTION_FACTOR:INEBRIATION:150] which combined with [ALCOHOL_DEPENDENT] which prompts them to fulfill their need for alcohol without readily dying to it, which would also mean they can drink closer to full capacity of the syndromes [SYN_CONCENTRATION_ADDED:100:1000] without fatal consequences.

The syndrome is also extended with DWF_STRETCH:4 which multiplies it for dwarf fortress mode on the emotional facets too. Both syndrome_dilution_factor & dwarf stretch were introduced in version 42.01 if they are responsible for maintaining a high level of inebriation with effects even if the probability for fatal symptoms was not active.

This would mean nausea (with a end of 1200) & said facet changes (end of 480) being apparent for long periods of time, which anecdotally i have noticed nausea particularly hanging around for a long period of time.