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0009817Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Inventorypublic2016-06-05 18:182016-06-05 21:34
0009817: [r]emoving items from backpack allows infinite wielding
If your hands are full, manually [r]emoving another weapon from your inventory allows you to wield it just as well as normal.
Have a weapon/shield in each hand
[r]emove a third weapon/shield
Attempt to attack a target; notice that you have options for all equipped weapons
Holding items like this also works with all other items; it just isn't nearly as relevant with anything besides weapons and shields. It also works with only one arm left; however, it doesn't work with no arms.
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duplicate of 0004224new  Adv Mode [r]emove always places items in grasps, allows wielding them all simultaneously 
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