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0009833: Moody dwarf scared from the workshop doesn't return to claimed workshop, goes insane after some time
A ranger has been posessed, claimed a craftsdwarf's workshop, picked up all neccessary items, started working, and then one of war animals reverted to a wild state and scared the fellow away. The dwarf didn't return to the workshop, standed in one place and went stark raving mad after some tine.
1. Have a strange mood.
2. Let the moody dwarf collect all neccessary materials and start construction.
3. Make a hostile creature scare the moody dwarf from his workshop.
4. The dwarf won't return to the workshop and will go insane after some time.
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I've just had this happen to me. A kobold scared him off his workshop and now he's sitting down in a meeting area.
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Libash_Thunderhead posted a potential workaround in the forums:

http://www.bay12forums.com/smf/index.php?topic=161598.msg7270607#msg7270607 [^]