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0009836Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Conversationpublic2016-06-15 02:082016-09-07 07:18
0009836: Asking rescued kids where they live doesn't allow asking for directions
When selecting "Bring up the journey together" option for a child rescued from a Dark Fortress, the child will say who their mother is and where they live; however, this doesn't allow the player to ask directions to either the mother or the location.
Rescue a child from a Dark Fortress
In conversation, select "Bring up the journey together"
Select "Ask for directions" and attempt to find the person or location mentioned; they should be absent
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has duplicate 0009997resolved Loci rescued children dialogue does not add to the directions menus 
child of 0009664confirmed Dwarfu Adventurer does not learn the name or site of quest targets. 
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This issue looks similar to 0009664.