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0010104Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Movementpublic2016-12-30 18:262016-12-30 18:26
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Summary0010104: Jumping off a moving ridden minecart does not cause injury
DescriptionApologies if there is an existing issue I had trouble finding.

Evidently, moving out of a minecart while it's in motion will harm the character if they make a rough landing. But so far, I've found that jumping out a minecart while in motion doesn't cause any harm. Given trying to ride up ramps tends to lead to a corpse flying up the ramp, sans minecart, this seems to be a rather effective way to deal being unable to go up a slope while in a cart.

Tested both landing on the same z-level and fall 1 z-level, the latter being a jump that's normally harmless anyway. Also tested with a fall of 2 z-levels, which sometimes inflicts injuries if considerably larger than human size.

Even more surprisingly, I've attempted to test jumping AHEAD of the minecart, expecting that to pulp me. No dice.
Steps To Reproduce1. Obtain a minecart in adventure or arena mode.
2. Drop it on the ground nearby.
3. Using the "interact with adjacent" command (default is u), ride the minecart.
4. Using the same command, push the minecart as needed to add speed.
5. Jump out of the minecart. Bonus points if done so right before an impact that would've been fatal.
Additional InformationTested in both adventure mode (having modded in reactions to obtain minecarts more easily) and arena mode.
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