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0010129Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Activity Zonespublic2017-01-30 02:162017-02-01 00:41
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Product Version0.43.05 
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Summary0010129: Buggy meeting sites behaviour breaking locations (and meeting sites function)
DescriptionThe meeting site activity area never turns off; not even when it is forcibly deactivated by unsetting the meeting site & setting the area to be inactive (disabling 'active') it will still attract footfall.

Location sites only require meeting sites to prompt dwarves to commute between other locations, dwarves will autonomously visit location sites when needed but will not over-indulge needs returning (as 'intentional?') to a blank meeting site space if all locational meeting site areas are inactive, usually with white/grey or higher value needs (not distracted or happy with 'making merry' etc.)

They will also remember meeting sites zones that were previously there, leading them to pathing & standing inside chicken coops etc. and accidentally placed meeting zones until they are acted upon the need to visit another meeting site.

> Out of a given choice, dwarves will show enormous bias to visit location sites vs normal meeting sites which if a location site is active to visit instead they will never go to idle within.

I have marked this as major because it affects a lot of meeting sites (and locations) and prevents normal gameplay progression with entity members within fortress mode making relationships with each other (dwarves with other dwarves & adventurers with each other will not have the chance to become lovers and bear children out of wedlock with very intimate friends etc.) more difficult without 'micro-management' honeymoon suites.

> Overwritten meeting site behaviour (worship/tavern activites) will mean dwarves won't talk unless forced into close contact outside the tavern (adjacent dorm beds/work relationships etc.)

Areas can be checked to see if they are still active by the locations screen still displaying dance areas, and via (R) seeing that the zones still persist. The only way to clear this behavior is to destroy the zone with (i) (x) altogether and build a fresh new zone.
Steps To ReproduceCreate 3 sizable 10x10 rooms, assign a meeting site to each - leave 1 blank meeting site, and for ease of use assign the other two to be a tavern & temple respectively.

Leave them running & observe the shift in traffic when location meeting sites are on, compared to when they are left off ('meeting site' & 'active' simultaneously disabled). Dwarves more naturally mingle in the active blank default meeting site when they are off but can still visit the locations to fufill needs despite the locational areas being inactive and implicatively inaccessible.

> Set some 'accidental' meeting zones over pastures etc, dwarves will visit but when it is deactivated, either not leave (if no other meeting sites are on to visit) or leave at their own time.

> Then try removing the sites outright to see dwarves immediately relocate rather than leave in their own time

Warning - Dwarves will drink less when they are outside the tavern (without a constant supply from generous bar-keepers) and may become dehydrated more readily, assign a separate booze stockpile outside the tavern to stop dwarves dehydrating.
Tagsactivities, area, location, overcrowded, zone
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FantasticDorf (reporter)
2017-01-30 02:43
edited on: 2017-02-01 02:12

Save availible via the DFFD here - Notes attached ingame, spread across the lower inhabited Z layer, as mentioned on DFFD, please turn off the tavern setting it to inactive (simultaneous turning off meeting site & 'active') to get started.

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The bug is also mentioned with a supplied screenshot of it in action taken from the save & a temporary hotfix (deliberately setting locations meeting zones to inactive so that only people with needs attend) illuminating the nature of the bug on this DF forums post -

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