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0010193Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Immigrationpublic2017-04-16 13:142017-11-02 15:45
Assigned ToLoci 
PlatformLinuxOSUbuntuOS Version16.04
Product Version0.43.05 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0010193: Fort founded in Fall; Migrants not arriving in first Spring
DescriptionApologies for the undescriptive title, but I couldn't figure out what conditions this bug requires to reproduce.

I have previously done one fort on this world, and as such this fort did not start during the spring, but rather during autumn. As usual, I did not receive a migrant wave during the first winter, but I did not receive a migrant wave during the first spring either, which is unusual.

The biome in this area is Untamed Wilds, and temperate. It might be plausible to say that the migrants got killed by some monster, but AFAIK the first two migrant waves are generated right when they arrive and are not simulated to move through from the mountainhome to your fortress and as such cannot be interrupted by anything.

The save of the fort at the start of the first summer: [^]
Will upload a save of the first at the start of the first spring tomorrow, I don't have access to that file right now.
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duplicate of 0007679acknowledgedLoci First migrants/caravan delayed if not starting in spring 

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latias1290 (reporter)
2017-04-17 07:15

Turns out my administrator deleted my recycle bin after I removed a bunch of backups. So I can't post a save from the start of spring.
Loci (manager)
2017-04-18 18:42

v0.43.05x32: Running your save twice, I received migrants in 25 days both times. Check if you have *both* population caps set to allow immigration in your init files.
latias1290 (reporter)
2017-04-19 09:14

I got the same thing after waiting 25 days. My strict and "normal" population caps are both 200, and my child/baby cap is 10:5. The main thing however is that this fort didn't get migrants during its first spring, even though it should have considering it started in autumn.

Perhaps the game checks if the fort is in its first spring, and if it is not, send migrants during that month. I started relatively late during the autumn (26 Timber-ish) so I guess the game might have selected the date to send migrants during that season to be before 26 Timber, if my theory is correct.

I'll try to verify this sometime this week. I'm a little busy now.
Loci (manager)
2017-04-23 10:43

So then your complaint isn't that no migrants arrive, it's that they didn't arrive specifically when you expected them?
latias1290 (reporter)
2017-04-24 02:20
edited on: 2017-04-24 02:21

I'm pretty sure that migrants are supposed to arrive in every season other than the first season or winters, unless you exceeded your population cap. They didn't in this case which is my complaint.

Loci (manager)
2017-04-24 22:18

I'm not sure that migrants are guaranteed every season, but it is possible that fortresses founded in Fall are being handled differently from standard Spring fortresses.

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