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0010260Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Huntingpublic2017-06-27 19:502017-06-28 10:38
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Product Version0.43.03 
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Summary0010260: Teeth recovered from butchering does not scale properly with creature size
DescriptionButchering a creature with teeth of a certain size or larger will result in a "tooth stack" of craftable materials. However, the number of items in the stack seems to reflect the number of unique "tooth definition entries" in that creature's body definition. So a dragon, one of the largest creatures in the game, produces 3 teeth: 1 for its "TOOTH" (representing 28 actual teeth), 1 for its "R_EYE_TOOTH", and 1 for its "L_EYE_TOOTH". Modifying the raws to separate the generic "TOOTH" entry into 28 individual entries, each with RELSIZE 1, results in a stack of 30 dragon teeth instead.

For a real-life example, a butchered sperm whale produces one tooth in-game (thanks to its use of the GENERIC_TEETH definition), while wikipedia notes that sperm whales have 30 teeth capable of use in scrimshaw.
Steps To Reproducebutcher a large creature
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FantasticDorf (reporter)
2017-06-28 10:38

A decapitated elephant head tested in arena mode at the relevant version number 43.03 will when butchered return...

5 brains in a stack
2 ivory in a stack - relevant for each BP component
1 tooth
1 head skin
but will accurately return a stack of 2 eyes

Trying not to take your words out of context, changing the relevant size of a badger tooth to a overblown and exaggerated 1000 size difference procured 1 large usable tooth instead of the multiple small unusable teeth in issue report 0010255 [^]

Inversely, is there a correlation in that creatures too small have a reverse formula where a negative or smaller/abnormal than intended stack size is presented?

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