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0010305Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Generalpublic2017-10-12 20:122017-12-05 14:14
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Product Version0.43.05 
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Summary0010305: Dwarves won't butcher 'reverted to wild state' crundles.
DescriptionBred some '-trained-' crundles in captivity, let them out after the mother and brood had all 'reverted to wild state'. The dwarves quickly killed them all. As I understand it, the corpses should have been butcherable because they would have been wild animals killed in action. None of the corpses were butcherable.
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Loci (manager)
2017-10-13 14:09

Butchery requires:

1) a usable butcher shop
2) a butcherable corpse "near" the shop
3) an idle citizen with the butchery labor enabled

It's hard to diagnose which condition(s) caused your problem from only a brief text description, but my first guess would be corpse size. Corpses too small to yield butchering returns will not be butchered, and young crundles start out at 1/10 the size of a newborn kitten. Crundles reach max size in 2 years, so you should wait that long to ensure butchering returns.
ucbpaladin (reporter)
2017-10-13 19:10

The size thing seems pretty likely, although I think the same thing happened with the mother crundle, but it's hard to tell now with crundle corpses everywhere...I'll see if I can reproduce.
FantasticDorf (reporter)
2017-10-15 07:54
edited on: 2017-10-17 08:08

*Rightly corrected by OlaupPlayer and edited over my comment that crundles were unbutcherable for being too small*

But some important components of the crundle is unusuable, suggesting that smaller crundles like the OP specifies would be largely exempt from butchery with the largest making 'some' returns at the butcher station.

Crundle horns for instance are 'sometimes' not collectable for mandates and are usually exempt because the butchery station does not collect small relatively sized BP objects from creatures, unless the creature itself is large enough to collect from, like tannable crundle scales issue report within the below link. [^] [^]

OluapPlayer (reporter)
2017-10-16 08:01

That's definitely not true. Fully-sized crundles give you about 4 pieces of meat, fat and bones when butchered. They're twice larger than cats.
ucbpaladin (reporter)
2017-12-04 19:19

Ok, I'm pretty sure this was from tiny, newborn crundles. I don't think I can close this, but I think it's not an issue.
Button (reporter)
2017-12-05 07:20
edited on: 2017-12-05 07:21

Was the mother butcherable, or did you not try?

There is a known issue where tamed animals cannot be butchered unless they are slaughtered, so if the mother was not butcherable this could be related.

Loci (manager)
2017-12-05 14:14

I'm satisfied there's nothing unexplainable here.

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