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0010319Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Idle Behaviorpublic2017-11-01 12:062017-11-01 18:14
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Summary0010319: Immigrant dwarves only develop social skills with their spouses
DescriptionMarried dwarven couples arriving to your fortress, when the skill for conversation has been exaggerated by RAW modding will be the only ones to have gained significant social skills compared to other dwarves off-fortress that aren't related to job professions (like pacifier/consoler etc.)

Other dwarves will not improve their social skills either in-fortress & will remain stuck usually at 'dabbling' level. Raising the rate as described in the steps to reproduce method has no effect.
Steps To ReproduceModify the creature standard txt entry for dwarf to give them a exaggerated value for conversation with [SKILL_LEARN_RATE:CONVERSATION:200]. Dwarves in fortress will not scale up to legendary despite this value, and those who arrive with good social skills won't pass on or develop other dwarves around them.

Wait for a married couple to arrive eventually, they should both have legendary conversation social skills & be adept in other social skills from off site social development.
Additional InformationSocial skills were 'nerfed' by Toady in version 40.13 with the bugfix to counteract rapid rises in social skill gain, especially around parties in version 40.03 0007588

Anecdotally i have seen dwarves thought screens refer to speaking with children also, but i am unaware of the relation required whether it is needed to be their own or any child.

Dwarves don't pool much or any conversation skill experience from talking with friends amongst the starting 7 even with the exaggerated skill gain present.

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FantasticDorf (reporter)
2017-11-01 18:14

Lack of misc social skill growth was mentioned in issue 0004106 pertaining to non-job related skills like comedian remaining at "dabbling" (with consoler & pacifier related to expedition leaders/mayors/organisers etc as a example of job social skills)

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