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0010479Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Combatpublic2017-12-28 20:022018-05-10 09:05
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PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version7
Product Version0.44.03 
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Summary0010479: Mother and daughter attack fellow dwarfs after mother falls on woodcutter.
DescriptionI sent a marksdwarf to attack some ravens, and she got herself stuck up a tree. I sent a woodcutter to get her down, and when the tree got cut she collided with the woodcutter as well as the falling logs, and her baby sustained bruising and a broken hand. She began firing bolts at the woodcutter, who fled. She continued attacking civilians, including a wood hauler and a hunter, the latter of which injured her. She started pathing to the hospital, but didn't attack any dwarves on the way.
Three days after the inciting incident, her daughter, a speardwarf in the militia began attacking her fellow soldiers and was quickly killed. They don't seem to have had contact (The mother has passed the doorway leading to the daughter's barracks but unless the daughter came out they wouldn't have interacted.) but the incidents seem related, as there appears to be no provocation or reasoning behind the daughter's attack. The mother has other relatives in the fort but none have attacked fellow dwarves but the daughter.

Two of the dwarves involved in the conflict with the daughter are now killing civilians. It's looking more and more like a loyalty cascade as events unfold. Dwarves involved in the fighting perpetuate it.

I downloaded DFHack b/c the wiki said it could fix loyalty cascades, but fix/loyaltycascade returns "no loyalty cascade found". Someone more experienced should check my saves, I'm tired of sifting through menus doing detective work and I just want to watch my fortress crumble. Thought I should report this though.

Save located here: [^]
Steps To ReproduceGet soldier (with family in-fort?) stuck in tree

Cut tree so that soldier falls on woodcutter
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related to 0010169new Chopping trees while a dwarf is in them may trigger loyalty cascade 

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Lazygun (reporter)
2018-02-13 03:51

I had something similar in 0.44.05. One of my dwarfs went into a tantrum and started throwing prepared meals about. One of them hit a passing legendary stonecrafter who was then immediately attacked by a hammerdwarf (but just bruised). No loyalty cascade though, because whenever this stonecrafter spotted another dwarf, both of them cancelled job "interrupted by ..." and fled in opposite directions.

Unfortunately I have no save because I deleted it and resumed playing from the seasonal autosave.
BruceyBoyo (reporter)
2018-05-10 09:05

Based on my own experience with this (Loci helpfully added my own report as related) I'm not sure if the victim landing on the woodcutter has much effect. The logs from the tree striking the falling dwarf appear as blue, and also in the woodcutter's combat reports, which means the woodcutter is being credited as the one who "threw" the logs. What I find deeply interesting about all of these bugs is that, when the woodcutter (or, in the above note, the tantruming dwarf) "throws" an item at a victim dwarf, the victim becomes an enemy.

Sometimes these aren't quite loyalty cascades, as they only turn one dwarf hostile and the military taking them down are considered innocent, but I tested this a few times on my own save, and sometimes seemingly everyone bolts to the scene to take down the military.

In the meantime, if you want to avoid this, you can build stairs up to the stuck dwarves like a boring, non-reckless overseer.

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